Dark Ambition

A Meeting with Mr. White

August 20, 2071 @ 3:00pm
Met with Ro at the Banshee. The fixer was trying to put together a new team for a job. Some Johnson named Mr. White. We all met at the Banshee to go over the preliminaries. Mr. White lives in the penthouse of an old building in the Bargain Basement, a rundown section of Redmond adjacent to Touristville.

The group consisted of some new runners, Plain Jane was there, but Angel and Jasper didn’t make it. Word on the street was that Angel had headed down to the California Free State for a run. I don’t know what happened to Jasper. Of the new faces, there was a new face, some drek hot bark chewer who’s words dripped with friendliness. A Silverhair by the name of ‘Quick’ and the gift of the Judas kiss. There was also a couple of Whizglitches, Jester and Larry; not sure about these two but Jester looks a little timid for running, I hope he can hold his own. Lastly there was a dwarf, your cliche drone rigger, looks a little green, will probably get himself dropped in the first fight.

August 20, 2071 @ 9:00pm
When Ro said Mr. White was eccentric, he wasn’t kidding. He is an information broker that looks like something out of a History Channel trideo. Mr. White wants us to find one Mr. Yasuhiro Mori, a japanese businessman with a big debt to the Yakuza. Mr. Mori works for Mitsuhama and Mr. White felt that if he helped Mr. Mori out of his current predicament, then Mori will help him with some information, I presume with some access codes to Mitsuhama. Mr. White offered us 24,000¥ if we could locate and acquire Mr. Mori or a partnership, which he was more than excited about, that could lead to a more lucrative endeavor. We chose the latter. I requested the use of the 5th floor of his building, since the building was a vacant squatter’s nest anyways.

August 21, 2071 @ 12:29am
We decided to stake out Suicide Kings, a known gambling establishment that Mori frequents. The dwarf gave me a ride to the bar and I inquired about playing a game of cards. Apparently I wasn’t very convincing because they accused me of being Lonestar or Yakuza. I had given up on the ruse when member of the Crimson Crush, a local gang claiming this area as their turf, came in shaking down the owner, Louie Fandora, for protection money.

Some Crush came down the back alley and Quick started smoking them with his submachinegun, Automatic fire erupted in the back and I decided to act. Up front was Phyx, Larry, and myself, I was able to drop the guy with the shotgun, but had to dive behind the bar before the other two Crush perforated me. The fight didn’t last long, but Phyx was dropped by a shotgun blast from the Crush. Poor dwarf, we’ll need to keep a better eye on him.

Turns out, Louie was happy that we showed up the Crush. His bar was a mess and they would probably come back to rough him up. I think I’ll hang out here for a few nights to make sure nothing happens. Louie mentioned that Mori was planning on heading to a Yakuza meeting at the Tea House to work out a deal. We’ll have to stop him before he makes that mistake.

No More Dragons

Got back from the Native Lands and was able to rest for a few days. Noggin was able to get me the Camou suit, smartlink, and goggles. A little late now, but at least I have them. Goggles are kinda bulky, I’ll see if I can get a pair of smart gargoyles. Ro called us said he had a meet for us, and we should meet him at Matchsticks.

Meet went all right, Ro showed up which was out of the ordinary. Said he wanted to introduce us to a new dunce he found for us; some wizglitch named Firefly. Turns out the dunce is some sort of pixie… from France. Freaking faeries.

Drug Runner's Haven

Had a meet with the Triad. Angel’s contact, Yuri Chang, wants us to get his money back for him. Looks like we’re gonna have to hit the drug runner’s hideout. We might need some extra muscle for this so I’m gonna call in Jimmy.

Met Jimmy at the Banshee and he was excited at the chance to test out his new drone. We also couldn’t get a hold of Geist, so Ro gave us the number for another decker; calls herself Plain Jane. She met us at the Banshee and we told her what was going down. Put a call in to noggin for some armor and a couple of smart links. I’m not sure how the others are gonna handle in real fight, but if they get themselves busted up, I’m not hauling them back to the boat… except maybe Jimmy, I owe him that much.

Jessica gave us a small speed boat. Jimmy took the helm by nature and we traveled up the NAN coast until we saw the lights of their haven. Jimmy cut the power and coasted in about half a mile south of the facility. We headed north towards the haven, they were using patrols with dogs. Angel thought it was a good idea to bring some fish with him. Jimmy had bought some as a kind of bluff if someone came up on him. That way he could claim that he was fishing. Angel thought it would be good to distract the dogs. They were distracted all right; they were barking at him like crazy straining to get to the fish. The guards were too close and angel was afraid they would see him throw the fish away. Finally, after a few moments, he threw the fish, which redirected the dogs attention, but didn’t stop the mutt from yammering.

Angel launched himself at the guards; I guess he thought he could disable both of them with those pig stickers he carries. I took the second out while he was finishing up with the first. He flashed me a hand gesture to let him know he had three kills to my one kill. The boy is seriously delusional. He knocked the mutt out and PJ sent some BS message to the other guards via commlink.

The mage started heading around to the side of the building; Angel circled in the opposite direction. I figured I’d better watch the mage and headed after him. I got to the edge of the building an all hell broke loose. Jane hacked a car and drove it into a fire the smugglers had going. It must have had some explosives in it cause the thing exploded like diesel tanker. Then I heard the vindicator on Jimmy’s doberman. Smugglers start pouring out of the building and the mage and I are hard press to drop them. Finally Mbandi, the African Ork smuggler pops his head out. I get a quick shot off, but the fragger is fast. He ducks back in the door dodging my shot. Half a sec later, he bowls out the door shooting. He was more experienced than the other guys, and tough to bring down. Luckily he was an ork, or else he would have been dead. The doberman had gone quite, but still heard fighting from around the side. I rushed around the building and found Angel finishing up one of the smugglers. He was bent over breathing hard. He motioned a number ‘four’ with his hand. I looked at three bodies laying just out of his line of site. Yessir, that is one deluded dwarf.

Through the Looking Glass
Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

After a considerable amount of time, Jasper was able to crack Billy Chan’s commlink. Even though the drekhead was a total noob in the drug trafficking scene, he was able to wipe all the data off except his last message. The unidentified person on the other end left no information, except that he was going to seek help from the ‘Red Queen’.

Luckily, I had heard of this chica before, en ex-runner who got out of the biz and opened up a club for the freak parade in lower Seattle. Runners sometimes use her club for meets. Noggin hasn’t got back to me so we might as well take a trip to her club, The Looking Glass.

Angel and Jasper argued for an hour about how to get their guns into the club. The troll bouncers didn’t look so tough so I just told them I was there for a meet. The green haired freak called me a ‘wannabe’ and made me pay. Luckily, he didn’t find my Government Issue 2066. I found out from one of the waitresses he name was Nedley; I’m going to have to show ol’ Nedley how I got my name.

The Looking Glass was even more bizarre than I had expected, all aspect of metahumanity that didn’t fit into the social norms was present. Bodymods and shifters were as common as scum in the barrens. The place is somewhat of a tourist attraction after dark, so no-one gave my suit much attention. Jasper went to the bathroom and Angel hit the mosh-pit. I watched the crowd until I saw Red Queen emerge from a back room, accompanied by a rather large Cyclopsean troll, and a short questionable human. The Red-Queen, being an albino, was dressed all in pristine white. They went up to the the third floor, off limits to us wannabes.

Jasper hacked the clubs network and was able to tap into the cameras and mics. He found that the human was named Hesh, he was the last person than Chan called, and mistakenly thought that the Red Queen would help since she found Chan the sellers for the drugs. Jasper fabricated a problem in another part of the club, pulling the troll from his post at the stairs so that Angel and I could get up to the third floor.

For some reason, these two think I am a face, so the plan was for me to talk to the Red Queen and find out the information we needed. I’m going to have to talk to these two about exactly what my capacity is. I got up to talk to the Red-Queen and she was not impressed by offer of a friendly information exchange, or my threats of being able to take her goons outs.

Even though I had my gun drawn, the clops was able to bear down on me before I could get a shot off. His strength was impressive, but it was apparent that the Red-Queen doesn’t hire anything more than thugs. A flash-pack and point blank took away any advantage the clops had. Angel rushed in quickly, launching himself off the couch in order for the dwarf to get above the clops and bring his cyber-spurs to bear. Two quick shots with the 2066 took any fight the clops had left. The Red Queen quickly called for truce, handing Hesh over, bewildered at how we got the drop on her in her own club. She threatened us about coming back to her club, Angel showed queenie what he thought of her threats by plunging his blades in the clops before he left. She is certainly going be the ‘red’ queen after she gets all that blood of her floor. Gonna have thank Jasper for running interference, none of the other bouncers were even aware that anything went on.

Boy needs a name, I’m gonna call him Geist.

Had meet with Jessica, she said that the triad was impressed at how fast we got the information. She didn’t seem impressed. I think she was upset that the wording of our agreement excluded us from going and getting their drugs. It was fine by me, the triad muscled us into doing their legwork without getting paid for it. I think the Oyabun may find all this interesting. Lets see if they call back with a paying gig.

The Big Picture
Always Check Your Package

Received a call from Jasper which I relayed to Kurita; they had the goods and Billy. Kurita wanted to meet them at some warehouse. Damn Yak told me to drive. Hate it when they do that. I told wage-mage to drive. Angel and Jasper (why does that kid use his real name) were able to get the goods; too bad they didn’t check it before getting to [[kurita:|Kurita]]. Too bad the stupid Yak didn’t bother to tell us what we were looking for.

Looks like the smugglers pulled one over on Billy-boy. What shoulda been a bag full of drugs ended up to be a bag full old books. To make matters worse, this Chica from the triad shows up demanding Billy and her drugs. She blamed Kurita, and of course us, on her loosing her money and her drugs. The wage-mage warned us of the triad goons surrounding the building. I was pretty sure I could take her, but Angel was injured and Jasper didn’t think our chances were good, probably because he’s only good on the digital end of his commlink.

I worked out a deal with this chica, named Jessica; we get the information on where the drug dealers were at, she lets us out of the warehouse in one piece. Of course she refuses to pay us for our efforts, but at least she didn’t say we had to get the drugs back.

We went back down to the docks to see what we could find out about the smugglers. Unfortunately the warehouse cameras were too far away and it was too dark to see anything about the smugglers. I did run into a vagrant named Scab; cost me a grant to find out that the guy who was running the show came in a few days earlier to check out the scene, an african that we found a clear shot of on the tapes. I called noggin to see if she could get us some info on the guy. Jasper is doing his own search.

Down at the Docks

Damn, this sity. Why can’t we evr get a job where I don’t git shot? Anywayz, me and Jasper finaly git a job. Its a simple one; git in, grab tha loot, and kidnap the guy who pissed off tha guy who’s paying for our serveciz. We skout the place out and figure out the best plan of attak. So I wuz waitin in tha water underneeth tha dock while Jasper waited hidden at a different spot. So these foolz roll up and only have half their guyz cuz I wuz good enuff to call my man Meehan and have him round up sum of their boyz. Those foolz didn’t even have a clue.

Soon tha smugglerz they wuz waitin for came up by sea and dropped the stuff off. The whole thing was quick and I wuzn’t seen. So after the sumgglerz left we made our move. I came up out of the water like the friggin loch ness monsta bitch and ran down on the guyz. At the same time Jasper unleashed some smoke grenades and started busting caps into those foolz. The men I wuz after heard me just before i got there but i still managed to injure one. So I started tangling with the other. I wuzn’t gonna let him git the best of me man. I ran him through a couple of times and that asshole got a lucky shot off that put a hole in my shoulder. Jasper finished off his guys and winged our target. We stuffed him into the trunk of his own car and got tha hell out of there man. I have to say that was a job well done. Two guyz totally kickin ass and takin names.


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