Yuri Chang

Cho Hai of the Yellow Lotus Triad


Connection: 4
Loyalty: 2

Demeanor: Neutral

Hangout(s): unknown

Knowledge: Triad operations, crime syndicates, local street gangs
Services: information, protection, drugs, other

Description: Chang is a middle-aged Chinese-American human with greying hair. He is outwardly friendly, but his collegial demeanor masks a ruthless and sometimes devious personality. He generally wears a tailored suit or (when the occasion indicates) a traditional Chinese tunic.


Yuri Chang is the Cho Hai (roughly translated as “grass sandal”) of Seattle’s Yellow Lotus Triad. As such, he is the public face of the triad and is responsible for collecting payments, paying bribes and generally executing the orders his superiors hand down to him. He is assisted by his ward, Jessica, who acts as his personal bodyguard and enforcer.

Chang is known to have an ongoing rivalry with Tadashi Kurita, although their history together is a mystery.

Recently, Chang loaned a large sum of money to a lowly street hustler named Billy Chan, who had arranged a drug deal that promised to return a tidy profit and open up new business opportunities. Unfortunately the young elf failed this test when the team (hired by Kurita) ambushed the meet and kidnapped Chan. Chang has since recovered the young elf, but has yet to recover the Triad’s money.

Yuri Chang

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