The Red Queen

Former shadowrunner turned club owner


Connection: 4
Loyalty: 1

Demeanor: Hostile

Hangout(s): The Looking Glass

Knowledge: Seattle nightclubs, Seattle runner trade, Changeling subculture
Services: secured meetings, fence, muscle for hire, shadow info

Description: The Red Queen is a strikingly beautiful, albeit exotic female elf. An albino changeling, she has white hair, a pale complexion and distinctive red eyes. She usually dresses in the latest fashions and favors red and white color schemes.


The Red Queen is a well known fixture of the Seattle club scene, owning and operating one of Seattle’s primer underground clubs called the Looking Glass. The club caters to the local Changeling community, but is also frequented by Seattle’s usual club-goers, who the regulars call “tourists”.

In her younger days (its difficult to gauge exactly how old she really is) the Red Queen was rumored to be a prime runner in the Seattle shadows, although there are few around who know the details (or are still alive to tell).

Recently, the Red Queen had negotiated the purchase of a shipment of designer party drugs from the street dealer Billy Chan. Although her involvement was minimal (the drugs were never actually delivered for purchase), she was drawn into the conflict when the runners crashed her club in search of a hacker named Hesh and killed one of her bodyguards.

The Red Queen

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