Mbandi (the African Ork)

South African smuggler


Connection: ?
Loyalty: 1

Demeanor: Neutral

Hangout(s): unknown

Knowledge: ?
Services: smuggling

Description: A large ork of African descent, Mbandi has numerous scars covering his muscular body and a large tribal tattoo across his back. He usually wears para-military clothing, body armor and heavy combat boots. In addition to his favored Kalashnikov-style assault rifle, he often carries a traditional African war club.


Little is known about this African ork. He is half of a smuggler duo hailing from South Africa, but no one yet knows who his partner is, or their objectives. They are known to recruit local smugglers to crew their vessels and provide extra muscle, and are currently operating out of a coastal hideout in tribal lands north of Seattle.

Mbandi (the African Ork)

Dark Ambition Method