Sergeant Meehan

Corrupt Lonestar officer


Connection: 3
Loyalty: 3

Contact: Archangel

Hangout(s): Touristville, Precinct Station

Knowledge: Lonestar, police procedures, local crime trends, local gangs
Services: information, protection, legal assistance

Descriptions: A middled-aged dwarf, Sgt Meehan is a rough looking old beat cop with a cantankerous attitude. He keeps his hair and beard shaved and his uniform impeccably clean and pressed.


Sgt Meehan is a grizzled old beat cop who has been up and down the rough streets of Redmond enough times to know whats what. Unlike a lot of other cops, he was tough, smart and lucky enough to survive long enough to make sergeant. He prides himself on service to the ‘Star and training rookie beat cops, but he’s also known to take a bribe every now and then if the terms aren’t too risky or demanding.

Sergeant Meehan

Dark Ambition Method