Squatter / street informant


Connection: 1
Loyalty: 2

Contact: All

Demeanor: Friendly

Hangout(s): docks, alleys, abandoned buildings, etc

Knowledge: Squatter hangouts, urban survival, street gossip
Services: information, distractions, surveillance

Description: Scab is a rough looking middle-aged human of average build. He looks older than he probably is, a side effect of a life lived mostly on the streets. He tends to be skittish, due in large part to a drug habit, but has an otherwise pleasant demeanor.


Scab is your common run-of-the-mill squatter, except that he’s also smart enough to pay attention to whats going on around him. He doesn’t have a lot of connections, but he can loiter in most places without being noticed and is always willing to help (for a nominal payment in cred, goods or drugs).


Dark Ambition Method