Connection: 3
Loyalty: 4

Contact: Glascow

Demeanor: Neutral

Hangout(s): Matrix

Services: information, equipment, meets

Description: skull and crossbones.


Noggin was one of the premier fixers in Seattle and the surrounding area. Many thought Noggin would become the next prime fixer of Seattle. Unfortunately, a group of green runners chosen by Noggin glitched a high profile fixer meet. A few of Seattle’s well known fixers were killed and a number of runners were out for Noggin’s demise. Using this to their advantage, several other fixer fabricated hit contracts on Noggin.

Glascow encountered Noggin along with his fellow ganger, Thrash. Noggin was fleeing a hit from a crew of runners. Thrash and Glascow were able to eliminate the pusuing runners, but Noggin was mortally wounded. Noggin refused to be taken to a hospital, so Glascow brought Noggin to an ex-doctor he knew that worked in the morgue. Noggin’s condition was touch and go for a time, but was able to pull through.

Noggin disappeared from the running scene for several years. A year ago, Noggin appeared, usurping the position of Arclight, the fixer that hired the runners to ice Noggin. Many tried to ascertain if this was the same Noggin from several years ago, but the new Noggin proved more elusive. Although Noggin’s reputation is somewhat diminished, Noggin has been taking actions reclaim notoriety on the runner scene.


Dark Ambition Method