Kurtia, Tadashi

Tadashi Kurita



Mysterious underworld figure with ambiguous ties to the Yakuza

Connection: 5
Loyalty: 3

Demeanor: Friendly

Hangout(s): Kenji’s Karaoke in Redmond

Knowledge: organized crime, Yakuza operations, Seattle drug trade
Services: fixer/Johnson, information, protection

Description: Kurita is a stoic middle-aged Japanese human of average height and build. He wears a slightly dated suit but never a tie. He also wears dark glasses at all times that almost conceal a scar running across his right eye. He chain smokes cheep Korean cigarettes.

Notes: owes the group 1 favor


Kurita in an mysterious underworld figure with ambiguous ties to Seattle’s Shotozumi-gumi yakuza clan. From what you can gather, he is not an active member of the clan, but enjoy’s the oyabun’s patronage and protection. He works out of the Touristville district of Redmond, although he has operations throughout Seattle. He deals mostly in smuggling operations and protection.

Recently Kurita found out that a small time dealer named Billy Chan had organized a rather large drug purchase in his turf. Chan didn’t bother to cut Kurtia in on the deal. To teach the young upstart “a lesson in ambition”, Kurita hired the team to crash the meet after the the deal and bring Chan and the goods back to one of his warehouses.

From a brief exchange with Jessica Tsai, the team learned about an ongoing rivalry between Kurita and Yuri Chang, Cho-hai of the Yellow Lotus Triad.

Kurtia, Tadashi

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