Illusion / Infiltration Mage who prefers hiding in shadows


Short: 5’7" Asian decent.

Usually dresses in blue jeans and t-shirt (or the 2070 equivalent) that looks well worn. He also has a long leather trenchcoat, it looks padded as if a form of armor. He normally carries a quater staff with him as well. It isnt clear if he uses it for support, weapon or just a adornment.


The name’s Jester, at least that’s all you need to know. I’ve had a rough life, but of course who hasn’t nowadays, right?! There used to be a time a while back that it wasn’t so bad at least that’s what Casper keeps telling me but he’s been dead a long time. I know he is a spirit named Casper, I was young when I met him and i couldn’t pronounce his name at the time. Give me a break! Who are you to judge me !?!

I was a, I believe it is called, a street urchin. My parents died when I was young, I have since learned that they were executed by my fathers employer, the Shiawase Corporation for some dishonor he committed. I still haven’t discovered what it was yet. Apparently it was not known that they had a child, my dad must have been some kick-ass hacker. I’m not so good at the matrix stuff but apparently he listed me as a child of my aunt who had died a few years back. And so I became a ward of the state which essentially meant I was on my own. I grew up on the streets from the age of 7 or so. I was lucky early on and met some people who helped me out a bit. I actually liked the freedom the streets gave me, and I didn’t have it as bad as many people I’ve seen but hey life ain’t easy no matter where you grew up well unless you’re one of those corp exec brats growing up on easy street.

It wasn’t always fun not with my smart mouth to get me into trouble. It took me a while to learn that sometimes it’s best to just shut up. I had run-ins with Gangers when I couldn’t keep my comments to myself. I also had a pratical joker side to me – maybe that was my passive aggressive way to get back at those physically stronger than me It is a surprise that I am still alive.

My magic came to me at an early age, earlier than most from what I’ve gathered although I don’t know what to compare it to. That was both a blessing and a curse. I apparently had a real knack for it so when it worked it worked well but when it screwed up it really screwed up. I remember this one Trog that well that’s not important right now. I had to learn this crap on my own for the most part, I searched every source I could find. I watched every trid flick I could to see what I could aspire to. I eventually stumbled onto some people to help me out a bit but it was a rough journey. I met Gordon, some warmage with little influence in his circles and enjoyed thrilling some kid with tales of the arcane. We ultimately became friends, I mean as much as a mentor & student can be friends. I think he has a real soft spot for me, regardless of his outward denial of such. I still stay in touch, not as often as I’d like, but I do message him when I can. Then I got hooked up with a spirit at some point, – _ I don’t exactly remember when_. That is the one I call Casper yeah don’t remind me but the spirit has taken to it and I cant change it now,

Hell, there were some rough times at first, my power would kick in at the absolute worst times, usually earning me a beating from some gangers who misinterpreted my actions as an attack or a taunt. I mean there was that one time but Hell I was a freakin’ kid, what do you expect! Those times did encourage me to master the art of hiding, both with the use of the arcane and the mundane Sometimes it was hide or die. I got good at it not that I’m bragging, mind you.

I did what I could to survive. I even used my art to earn Nuyen when I needed it. Charlie, he’s my art guy who would hook me up with some jobs and even a few snatch and grab stuff here and there when necessary. That is until I got old enough to start running. I mean I’ve only done a few jobs but I am dependable.

That is pretty much me. I do some jobs to make ends meet, do some art to fill in the gaps. I am just trying to not show up on the grid as best I can, I mean if the Shiawase Corp ever discovers me then my life ain’t worth nothin’.

Well I dont know why I am telling you all this its not like you will ever meet me -hell all you will remember is falling asleep at your post, paranoid someone may have caught you on surveliance. I just needed to wait a little and make sure nothing I did not trip any alarms. I hope you don’t get into too much trouble, its not like its your fault but hey I gots to eat too. sleep tight!

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