Jessica Tsai

Enforcer for the Yellow Lotus Triad


Connection: 3
Loyalty: 1

Demeanor: Neutral

Hangout(s): unknown

Knowledge: Seattle Triads, crime syndicates
Services: assassination, intimidation, other

Description: Jessica is an attractive young Chinese woman with long black hair and a slight athletic build. She usually wears casual fashions and favors leathers, since a high-end racing bike is her preferred method of transportation.


A talented young physical adept, Jessica is the ward and personal enforcer of Yuri Chang, Cho Hai of the Yellow Lotus Triad. Although their relationship is unclear, Jessica views Chang as her adopted father, and rumors abound that she may in fact be his illegitimate daughter. Known for her ruthless efficiency, Jessica is often tasked with jobs that the Triad deems too important to trust to common soldiers.

Jessica Tsai

Dark Ambition Method