Street hacker/tech wiz


Connection: 3
Loyalty: 2

Demeanor: Neutral

Hangout(s): unknown

Knowledge: hacking, tech, local Matrix hosts
Services: hacking, tech build/repair/procurement

Description: Hesh is a scrawny human male of average build. He has a short buzzed hair and a temporal datajack with a distinctive tribal tattoo around it. He tends to be a little fidgety and nervous around people in the meat world, preferring to interact via the Matrix when possible. He also has a slight BTL problem, which makes his anxiety worse.


Hesh is a mild-mannored street hacker with a talent for fixing things. He occasionally works as a runner to support his BTL habit, but hasn’t really made any big scores in the Shadows.

Recently he was hired by his friend Billy Chan to locate some non-local drug runners willing to bring a shipment into Seattle. He managed to seek out a pair of South African smugglers who claimed to have a shipment from South East Asia to offload. But the deal turned out to be a scam, the meet was ambushed and his buddy was kidnapped by the runners. He sought the aid of the Red Queen, only to be discovered and also kidnapped. Much to his surprise, after telling the runners everything he knew about the mysterious smugglers, he was released.


Dark Ambition Method