Connection: 1
Loyalty: 6

Contact: Quick

Demeanor: Strong, given to overreactions, but oddly wise despite not being that bright.

Hangout(s): Wherever low-level Mafia soldiers tend to congregate.

Knowledge: Street gangs, local going-ons.

Services: Good for hired muscle; fiercely loyal to Quick, to the point of taking bullets. On the flip-side, Quick is a contact for Griller.

Griller is a tall, overbearing Troll. He’s outfitted with some obvious cyberware, the gentle whirr of the second-hand stuff adding to his intimidating appearance. The curled horns adorning either side of his skull seem more imposing than whatever he might have under his ubiquitous longcoat. He tends to growl when he speaks, though his tone is oftentimes calm, the irrational behavior of youth recently giving way to the professionalism of adulthood.


Griller is a person with whom Quick used to make money on the streets with. Proto-running, if you will; odd jobs and small-time jobs, nothing violent. I’d get the job, he’d help back me up. From a combination of choosing friendship over backstabbing when given the opportunity to scattered sacrifices here and there, this contact goes both ways — in a sense, he has me as a loyalty 6 contact.

Griller is a troll ex-ganger (small street-gang, the “Watchers,” they were primarily concerned with protecting their neighborhood from local rival gangs than actually perpetrating crimes) gone bottom-rung mob soldier. The area of influence is low, but its area involves that small area of town, and the local Mafia. He specializes in being a brick shithouse and using large, illegal guns.


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