Four 9 Dragons

Small asian street gang from Redmond Barrens


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 0

Demeanor: Hostile

Hangout(s): small area of the Redmond Barrens

Knowledge: Redmond street gangs, local drug trade
Services: muscle for hire, drugs

Description: A small Asian street gang made up mostly of young human males. They have only a few dozen active members.


A small and largely unknown street gang from the Redmond Barrens, the Four 9 Dragons are eager to make a name for themselves. Their name is derived from the numerological codes used by the Triads in an effort to make themselves more intimidating, although they have no formal connection to any local syndicate.

Recently the Four 9 Dragons were hired by local street hustler Billy Chan to act as muscle for a meet. Unfortunately the already small gang was targeted by an inconveniently-timed police crackdown, which further reduced their numbers. The meet was subsequently ambushed, killing the gang’s previous leader and at least two other members.

Four 9 Dragons

Dark Ambition Method