Billy Chan

Smalltime street hustler with Triad ambitions.


Connection: 2
Loyalty: 0

Demeanor: Hostile

Hangout(s): Redmond Barrens

Knowledge: Redmond drug trade, street cons, Redmond street gangs, local Triads
Services: drugs, street info

Description: Billy Chan is a tall, lanky (even for an elf) Asian male. He usually wears an outdated suit and hat in an effort to look like a legitimate gangster. He is a notorious braggart, and can often be found in local bars bragging loudly about his (feeble) criminal activities.


Billy Chan is a small time dealer working out of the Redmond Barrens. He has ties to the triad, but his inability to think his plans through has prevented him from advancing in the ranks. He has managed to enlist a local asian gang called the Four 9 Dragons as his thugs.

Billy Chan

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