Dark Ambition

Through the Looking Glass

Down the Rabbit Hole We Go

After a considerable amount of time, Jasper was able to crack Billy Chan’s commlink. Even though the drekhead was a total noob in the drug trafficking scene, he was able to wipe all the data off except his last message. The unidentified person on the other end left no information, except that he was going to seek help from the ‘Red Queen’.

Luckily, I had heard of this chica before, en ex-runner who got out of the biz and opened up a club for the freak parade in lower Seattle. Runners sometimes use her club for meets. Noggin hasn’t got back to me so we might as well take a trip to her club, The Looking Glass.

Angel and Jasper argued for an hour about how to get their guns into the club. The troll bouncers didn’t look so tough so I just told them I was there for a meet. The green haired freak called me a ‘wannabe’ and made me pay. Luckily, he didn’t find my Government Issue 2066. I found out from one of the waitresses he name was Nedley; I’m going to have to show ol’ Nedley how I got my name.

The Looking Glass was even more bizarre than I had expected, all aspect of metahumanity that didn’t fit into the social norms was present. Bodymods and shifters were as common as scum in the barrens. The place is somewhat of a tourist attraction after dark, so no-one gave my suit much attention. Jasper went to the bathroom and Angel hit the mosh-pit. I watched the crowd until I saw Red Queen emerge from a back room, accompanied by a rather large Cyclopsean troll, and a short questionable human. The Red-Queen, being an albino, was dressed all in pristine white. They went up to the the third floor, off limits to us wannabes.

Jasper hacked the clubs network and was able to tap into the cameras and mics. He found that the human was named Hesh, he was the last person than Chan called, and mistakenly thought that the Red Queen would help since she found Chan the sellers for the drugs. Jasper fabricated a problem in another part of the club, pulling the troll from his post at the stairs so that Angel and I could get up to the third floor.

For some reason, these two think I am a face, so the plan was for me to talk to the Red Queen and find out the information we needed. I’m going to have to talk to these two about exactly what my capacity is. I got up to talk to the Red-Queen and she was not impressed by offer of a friendly information exchange, or my threats of being able to take her goons outs.

Even though I had my gun drawn, the clops was able to bear down on me before I could get a shot off. His strength was impressive, but it was apparent that the Red-Queen doesn’t hire anything more than thugs. A flash-pack and point blank took away any advantage the clops had. Angel rushed in quickly, launching himself off the couch in order for the dwarf to get above the clops and bring his cyber-spurs to bear. Two quick shots with the 2066 took any fight the clops had left. The Red Queen quickly called for truce, handing Hesh over, bewildered at how we got the drop on her in her own club. She threatened us about coming back to her club, Angel showed queenie what he thought of her threats by plunging his blades in the clops before he left. She is certainly going be the ‘red’ queen after she gets all that blood of her floor. Gonna have thank Jasper for running interference, none of the other bouncers were even aware that anything went on.

Boy needs a name, I’m gonna call him Geist.

Had meet with Jessica, she said that the triad was impressed at how fast we got the information. She didn’t seem impressed. I think she was upset that the wording of our agreement excluded us from going and getting their drugs. It was fine by me, the triad muscled us into doing their legwork without getting paid for it. I think the Oyabun may find all this interesting. Lets see if they call back with a paying gig.



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