Dark Ambition

Drug Runner's Haven

Had a meet with the Triad. Angel’s contact, Yuri Chang, wants us to get his money back for him. Looks like we’re gonna have to hit the drug runner’s hideout. We might need some extra muscle for this so I’m gonna call in Jimmy.

Met Jimmy at the Banshee and he was excited at the chance to test out his new drone. We also couldn’t get a hold of Geist, so Ro gave us the number for another decker; calls herself Plain Jane. She met us at the Banshee and we told her what was going down. Put a call in to noggin for some armor and a couple of smart links. I’m not sure how the others are gonna handle in real fight, but if they get themselves busted up, I’m not hauling them back to the boat… except maybe Jimmy, I owe him that much.

Jessica gave us a small speed boat. Jimmy took the helm by nature and we traveled up the NAN coast until we saw the lights of their haven. Jimmy cut the power and coasted in about half a mile south of the facility. We headed north towards the haven, they were using patrols with dogs. Angel thought it was a good idea to bring some fish with him. Jimmy had bought some as a kind of bluff if someone came up on him. That way he could claim that he was fishing. Angel thought it would be good to distract the dogs. They were distracted all right; they were barking at him like crazy straining to get to the fish. The guards were too close and angel was afraid they would see him throw the fish away. Finally, after a few moments, he threw the fish, which redirected the dogs attention, but didn’t stop the mutt from yammering.

Angel launched himself at the guards; I guess he thought he could disable both of them with those pig stickers he carries. I took the second out while he was finishing up with the first. He flashed me a hand gesture to let him know he had three kills to my one kill. The boy is seriously delusional. He knocked the mutt out and PJ sent some BS message to the other guards via commlink.

The mage started heading around to the side of the building; Angel circled in the opposite direction. I figured I’d better watch the mage and headed after him. I got to the edge of the building an all hell broke loose. Jane hacked a car and drove it into a fire the smugglers had going. It must have had some explosives in it cause the thing exploded like diesel tanker. Then I heard the vindicator on Jimmy’s doberman. Smugglers start pouring out of the building and the mage and I are hard press to drop them. Finally Mbandi, the African Ork smuggler pops his head out. I get a quick shot off, but the fragger is fast. He ducks back in the door dodging my shot. Half a sec later, he bowls out the door shooting. He was more experienced than the other guys, and tough to bring down. Luckily he was an ork, or else he would have been dead. The doberman had gone quite, but still heard fighting from around the side. I rushed around the building and found Angel finishing up one of the smugglers. He was bent over breathing hard. He motioned a number ‘four’ with his hand. I looked at three bodies laying just out of his line of site. Yessir, that is one deluded dwarf.



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