Dark Ambition

Down at the Docks

Damn, this sity. Why can’t we evr get a job where I don’t git shot? Anywayz, me and Jasper finaly git a job. Its a simple one; git in, grab tha loot, and kidnap the guy who pissed off tha guy who’s paying for our serveciz. We skout the place out and figure out the best plan of attak. So I wuz waitin in tha water underneeth tha dock while Jasper waited hidden at a different spot. So these foolz roll up and only have half their guyz cuz I wuz good enuff to call my man Meehan and have him round up sum of their boyz. Those foolz didn’t even have a clue.

Soon tha smugglerz they wuz waitin for came up by sea and dropped the stuff off. The whole thing was quick and I wuzn’t seen. So after the sumgglerz left we made our move. I came up out of the water like the friggin loch ness monsta bitch and ran down on the guyz. At the same time Jasper unleashed some smoke grenades and started busting caps into those foolz. The men I wuz after heard me just before i got there but i still managed to injure one. So I started tangling with the other. I wuzn’t gonna let him git the best of me man. I ran him through a couple of times and that asshole got a lucky shot off that put a hole in my shoulder. Jasper finished off his guys and winged our target. We stuffed him into the trunk of his own car and got tha hell out of there man. I have to say that was a job well done. Two guyz totally kickin ass and takin names.



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