Dark Ambition

A Meeting with Mr. White

August 20, 2071 @ 3:00pm
Met with Ro at the Banshee. The fixer was trying to put together a new team for a job. Some Johnson named Mr. White. We all met at the Banshee to go over the preliminaries. Mr. White lives in the penthouse of an old building in the Bargain Basement, a rundown section of Redmond adjacent to Touristville.

The group consisted of some new runners, Plain Jane was there, but Angel and Jasper didn’t make it. Word on the street was that Angel had headed down to the California Free State for a run. I don’t know what happened to Jasper. Of the new faces, there was a new face, some drek hot bark chewer who’s words dripped with friendliness. A Silverhair by the name of ‘Quick’ and the gift of the Judas kiss. There was also a couple of Whizglitches, Jester and Larry; not sure about these two but Jester looks a little timid for running, I hope he can hold his own. Lastly there was a dwarf, your cliche drone rigger, looks a little green, will probably get himself dropped in the first fight.

August 20, 2071 @ 9:00pm
When Ro said Mr. White was eccentric, he wasn’t kidding. He is an information broker that looks like something out of a History Channel trideo. Mr. White wants us to find one Mr. Yasuhiro Mori, a japanese businessman with a big debt to the Yakuza. Mr. Mori works for Mitsuhama and Mr. White felt that if he helped Mr. Mori out of his current predicament, then Mori will help him with some information, I presume with some access codes to Mitsuhama. Mr. White offered us 24,000¥ if we could locate and acquire Mr. Mori or a partnership, which he was more than excited about, that could lead to a more lucrative endeavor. We chose the latter. I requested the use of the 5th floor of his building, since the building was a vacant squatter’s nest anyways.

August 21, 2071 @ 12:29am
We decided to stake out Suicide Kings, a known gambling establishment that Mori frequents. The dwarf gave me a ride to the bar and I inquired about playing a game of cards. Apparently I wasn’t very convincing because they accused me of being Lonestar or Yakuza. I had given up on the ruse when member of the Crimson Crush, a local gang claiming this area as their turf, came in shaking down the owner, Louie Fandora, for protection money.

Some Crush came down the back alley and Quick started smoking them with his submachinegun, Automatic fire erupted in the back and I decided to act. Up front was Phyx, Larry, and myself, I was able to drop the guy with the shotgun, but had to dive behind the bar before the other two Crush perforated me. The fight didn’t last long, but Phyx was dropped by a shotgun blast from the Crush. Poor dwarf, we’ll need to keep a better eye on him.

Turns out, Louie was happy that we showed up the Crush. His bar was a mess and they would probably come back to rough him up. I think I’ll hang out here for a few nights to make sure nothing happens. Louie mentioned that Mori was planning on heading to a Yakuza meeting at the Tea House to work out a deal. We’ll have to stop him before he makes that mistake.



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